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Every month, I open up 2-3 slots of commissions on Patreon and Discord. I don't keep a queue anymore because it was becoming unmanageable and was causing me too much stress. :)Important to note that Patrons get priority on these slots.To get a slot, simply fill in this formNo refunds unless I cannot complete the work. I consider the stories I’ve published a good enough indicator of the writing quality you can expect from me.

Settings and Kinks

Settings I am familiar with:
Forgotten Realms
Other settings:
General Sci-Fi
General Fantasy
Preferred kinks:
Breast/Cock/Ass Expansion
Huge boobs
Huge dongs
Excessive semen
I will not do:
Underaged characters
Excessive musk
Excessive violence
Hard rape (dubcon and mind control are ok)
Pairing my OCs with canon characters (though feel free to pair two canon characters)


I've decided to put together my Patreon as a way to interact with the people who enjoy my writing the most and find a way to give back to them.It's mostly a tip jar sort of thing, but I plan on allowing my patrons to have a say in the direction of my future stories, going forward.Here are the advantages you get when subscribing to my Patreon

  • Monthly Commission Auctions

  • Participate in weekly polls to decide what happens in my stories

  • Priority on regular commissions

Monthly Commission Auction

On the last day of every month, I open up the auction house for all my Patrons to bid on the monthly commission. After 48 hours, bids are closed and the winner is contacted!This auction house is no regular auction house, however, as you bid using cookies. The number of cookies you have is equal to how much money you’ve contributed to the Patreon, which is also why I allow 48 hours to pass before announcing the winner - you can bid using next month’s cookies!(Patreon usually takes about 48 hours to process all payments) This allows new patrons to participate as well.So, quick recap of how this thing works:

  • On the last day of every month, I will send a private message to all my Patrons to ask them to bid on the monthly commission.

  • After 48 hours, all bids will be registered and the Patron with the highest bid will win the commission for the month.

  • Patrons are allowed to change their bids during the 48 hour bidding process.

  • You can ask me how many "cookies" you currently have and I will tell you how many you have (lifetime pledge - any cookies spent + next month’s cookies = how many you have available)

  • You can also ask what the highest bid currently is.

  • All bids are "secret", meaning that I will never reveal your name or username to anyone, unless you specifically ask me to.

  • The commission is delivered usually in about a week or two.

Smut Compilation

Which sinful universe do you wish to explore?

Warcraft Stories

All my works set in the Warcraft universe, in chronological order

War of the Ancients

Oaksong - Chapter 1: The Calm
Oaksong - Chapter 2: The Storm
Oaksong - Chapter 3: The Grove
Oaksong - Chapter 4: The Resistance
Oaksong - Chapter 5: Dread
Oaksong - Chapter 6: Nourishment
Oaksong - Chapter 7: Twins' Training
Oaksong - Chapter 8: A Highborne's Duty

Classic WoW

Lena Trueshield - Chapter 1
Lena Trueshield - Chapter 2
The Orc's Prisoner

Burning Crusade

Westfall Whore, Ashenvale Amazon
Seeing Triple At The Exodar

Wrath of the Lich King

Harbor's Glory


A Tanaris Titfuck
The Seamstress of Suramar Part 1
Draining the Draenei Part 1
Draining the Draenei Part 2
The Seamstress of Suramar Part 2

Battle For Azeroth

The Oldest Trick
Another Dockside Dicking

Overwatch Stories

All my works set in the Overwatch universe, in chronological order. May or may not be canon with established lore or other Overwatch stories.

A Momentary Lapse

Dota Stories

All my works set in the Dota universe, in chronological order. May or may not be canon with established lore or other Overwatch stories.

Heroes' Bimbofication: Whoreranger